Community Food Garden Lak´a Uta

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Community Food Garden Lak´a Uta


The community food garden Lak´a Uta is the first of its kind in the city of La Paz. Located in the Cotahuma district, at more than 3600 meters above sea level, the garden is a place where people grow organic, fresh and nutritious food. This project is centered on transforming under-utilized space into green and productive areas. In this community food garden, people of all ages work together, learn from and share with each other, and of course, enjoy the outdoors. People come to share values, develop friendships and dream together as a community. They also make a conscientious effort to ensure their diets are healthier, sustainable and adequate.


The Huerto Orgánico Lak´a Uta helps people develop new capacities while also developing greater awareness on the importance of healthy eating habits. As such, members of the garden´s community have become empowered to play a more active role in guaranteeing their right to food. They are also becoming agents of change. Together, they are working towards a future in which green cities can guarantee food security.


Visit the Garden

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